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2015 Awards

Winner of the British Glass Biennale: Ashraf Hanna, Untitled 1 / 2014 Bullseye glass; kiln cast. Photo: Ester Segarra

For the 2015 British Glass Biennale, we are pleased to continue our ongoing relationship with the Worshipful Company of Glass Sellers of London. This means that in addition to the British Glass Biennale Award for Best in Show, four further Art & Craft awards will be selected by the Glass Sellers from the exhibitors within the 2015 exhibition.

Awards 2015

British Glass Biennale Award for Best in Show

  • Winner: Ashraf Hanna, Untitled 1/2014. Photo: Ester Segarra

Glass Sellers’ Art & Craft Award

  • WinnerRuth Shelley, Indian Intarsia / 2014. Photo: Haydn Denman

Glass Sellers’ Art & Craft Award, Runner Up

  • WinnerNicholas Collins, Tumbling Blocks Charcoal / 2014. Photo: Simon Bruntnell

Glass Sellers’ Art & Craft Student Award

  • WinnerHaley Haddow, Orinoco Flow 1 / 2014. Photo: Sylvain Deleu

Glass Sellers’ Art & Craft Student Award, Runner Up

Art in Action Award for Contemporary Glass

  • WinnerMargaret Alston, Large White Pâte de Verre, relief bands / 2014. Photo: Mark Wood

craft&design magazine Award

  • Winner: Elliot Walker, Still Life with a Lime / 2015. Photo: Simon Bruntnell

craft&design magazine Highly Commended

The London Glassblowers’ Award for Emerging Talent

The National Glass Centre’s Emerging Artist Residency Prize

  • WinnerChoi Keeryong,  Korean Glass 24 / 2014. Photo: Choi Keeryong

The People’s Prize, Warm Glass UK

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Award Details 

The British Glass Biennale Award for Best in Show will be selected by the British Glass Biennale jury. The Worshipful Company of Glass Sellers’ Art & Craft Awards will be selected by their own jury. This jury will be announced closer to the time of the exhibition. The Art in Action Award for Contemporary Glass will be selected by representatives of Art in Action. All awards will be selected from the exhibitors within the British Glass Biennale 2015. 



  • Call for Entries Deadline :
    20 February 2017
  • Awards Ceremony:
    24 August 2017
  • Exhibition Opens:
    25 August 2017
  • Winners Announced:
    24 August 2017
  • Exhibition Ends:
    9 September 2017
  • British Glass Biennale:
    Stourbridge, West Midlands
    Open Daily: 10am – 5pm